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September 2011

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He Lives!, Baby, Morticia

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Adoption for Single Dads

I haven't been here in ages... but anyway, thought this article might interest you. It comes from Yahoo UK & is about how single men who want children are increasingly choosing adoption. (Also under the cut):


Male, Single... And Allowed To Adopt

By Sky News SkyNews - Saturday, August 11 05:55 am
The might still be mum, dad and 2.4 children, but society is changing. Single parents are increasingly bringing up their boys and girls alone.

Thierry Lambert is one such father, but not because of a separation or bereavement. He's raising eight-year-old Liam on his own because, despite being single, he was allowed to adopt.

"He's a fantastic kid. He's one in a million really."

Thierry made the decision to adopt after a long-term relationship broke down. He realised having children was his priority. In April of last year he and Liam first met at the boy's foster home.

"I've never been so nervous in my life," he said.

"I came in. I didn't even say hello and he said, 'Hi, Dad. I'm having a Marmite sandwich. I'll be with you in a minute.' And I stood there and thought, 'He just called me Dad!'."

By law, single people have been able to adopt since 1926. But even now, fewer than 10% of children are adopted by someone single and that person is usually a woman.

More men are coming forward though. But the perception remains that it simply isn't right for a single man to be given a child to bring up alone.

David Holmes from the British Association for Adoption and Fostering disagrees.

"The greatest risk to a child is from somebody who has a sexual interest in children not the fact that they are single man," he said.

"The checks that are done are intensive. The whole point of that process is to find out what is motivating that person to adopt."

For Thierry the motivation is simple.

"If I can provide one child with an upbringing, and a loving, caring, safe house... I think I have done my job in life."

But love and support isn't enough, according to writer Lynette Burrows.

"I can see that a man would think he had everything but the fact is he doesn't have womanlyness, any maternal aspect to his character and children need that.

"However nice he is, he can only give the best a man can get and that's only half of the equation."

But there can be little doubt Liam is happy.

Now he wants a brother, and in October, father and son will begin their search for another member of the family.


Are there many kids available for adoption in the UK?

I know there's barely any here in Australia, and it seems unlikely single prospective fathers would be at the front of the queue :-/
Sorry for late reply.

I don't actually know the numbers of kids available in the UK, not really being ont he inside of the system nor being party to the numbers.

xo M.