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September 2011

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punk1nh3d in plannedsingles

Brand New To This

A couple months ago my fiance passed away.  We really wanted to have children, but after a few months of trying to conceive, he got sick.  Our dream is not gone however.  What would my first step be in this process?  What would be the most practical option?  Thank you in advance for putting me in the right direction.


When you say your dream is not gone, I'm assuming you mean you have his sperm frozen?

I think first step depends on how much sperm you have frozen, as that will determine how aggressive you need to be. You can do natural IUI's with your OB. You time your ovulation with OPK's and they do the insemination once you get a positive.

There are tests you can have done to make sure things are working properly for you. Also, if you want to be more aggressive you can use fertility drugs (Clomid, injectables) to increase your chances on any given month. This up's the odds for multiples though, so you have to take that into consideration.

Hope that helps!
Depends on how you're doing it.
Make sure you have control over the financial and legal issues. Find out how and where you want to do the insemination. Find out if you need help conceiving. Be patient, it can take time. Good luck!